Are Your Thoughts Keeping You From Receiving God’s Best?

by Karin Peavy on December 15, 2014

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Are Your Thoughts Keeping You From Receiving God's Best?

I know how it is. That sneaky voice creeps into your thoughts and whispers negative ideas in your ears. That voice tells you…

…the loan you just applied for to consolidate debt will never be approved.

…you’re going to get a horrible disease.

…you’ll never get the money you need for that house that is in badly need of repair.

…your life will never change.

How do you respond? After all, these kinds of things happen all the time. People do get sick and the get turned down for loans. People struggle with debt and houses do fall apart because of lack of funds to fix them. And, many people go year after year without anything in their lives changing.

I want to tell you how to respond. But first, I want you to check WHERE your thoughts come from. Does it meet the standards found in Philippians 4:8? Are your thoughts…








Worthy of praise?

If your thoughts don’t meet these criteria, don’t entertain them! Cast them down and replace them with faith thoughts. A faith thought would say…

“It doesn’t matter if the bank turns me down. God will help me get out of debt. He has a plan.”

“By the stripes of Jesus, I am healed. I have divine health according to I Peter 2:24.”

“I stand on Philippians 4:19. My God will supply the funds necessary for every home repair I need.”

In other words, your thoughts should mirror God’s Word. It’s God’s will for you to be successful. Sure challenges are going to come your way, but you are an Overcomer. God has already made the way for your victory. You should never accept anything less than God’s best.

If your thoughts are not the kind described in Philippians 4:8, they are not from God. They are from the enemy. The enemy puts negative ideas in your mind because he wants to turn you off from trusting God. He wants to fill you with fear and discouragement. Don’t fall for his lies!

Today, I want you to make a quality decision to trust God for what you need. I want you to make up your mind to stand on His promises. Make a list and pray them over your life daily. Before you pray the verses, say, “This is the Word of the Lord coming to me. This is mine. God promised it to me and He is faithful.”

Stay with this plan. In the weeks and months to come, you’re going to be amazed at how your life will change. God will work in your heart first, changing your attitude and helping you to find thoughts that are not from Him. You’re going to realize that He has a multitude of ways to meet your needs. It won’t matter how impossible getting the money for those home repairs or getting out of debt appears. Your faith will grow and as that faith flows out from you in prayer, you will see your circumstances change.




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