Your Life: God-Given or a Shadow of God’s Will?

by Karin Peavy on January 20, 2015

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Your LIfe: God-Given or a Shadow of What God Wants For You?

Let’s talk about your life. Is it God-Given or only a shadow of the life God intends for you? What does your God-Given life look like? What would you have more of? Less of?

You are designed to honor God with your life — time, energy, emotions, resources, thoughts and abilities. However, if you’re like some Christians, you are letting worry, fear, doubt and the cares of this life crowd in and hold you back. Maybe you spend too much time thinking about how bad things look instead celebrating God’s goodness.

What about your relationships? Are they healthy or unhealthy? Wrong relationships will hinder you from being your authentic, true self. They will hold you back from discovering what that is. This in turn keeps you from discovering your strengths and how to use them to build God’s Kingdom.

I want to talk about your life because there’s a huge lie that has gone out into the world and it says you can’t have what you truly want. I am talking about the desires of the heart not the flesh. I am speaking about those desires God has placed in your heart — the ones in line with the promises of God and a Godly lifestyle. It might be something as simple as wanting to own your own home. You can look at your age, the size of the mortgage payment, how long it will take to pay off the house or even your credit and say, “no way will this ever happen.” But God is so much bigger and stronger than all of these. If you trust Him, He can make it happen.

Where does this lie that says you will never have what you want come from? The enemy of your soul. It’s a common thought woven throughout society. The devil put it there to make sure you never reach your full potential. He doesn’t want that to happen because then you will be a threat to him. He wants you to fall for the lie and settle for a shadow life. He wants you to believe that abundance is unrealistic instead of seeking the abundance God promised in His Word. You may believe you aren’t smart enough. You are looking through the wrong telescope! If you are looking at your background, level of education or economic status, you need to change your viewpoint. That’s the world’s system. That is NOT how God sees you. The Bible says you are an Overcomer, a Victor. God lives in you and therefore His qualities live in you. You’ve read of men and women who grew up dirt poor becoming accomplished people by sheer strength of will not necessarily depending on God. How much more can YOU do who trusts in the Living God.

Complacency also keeps you locked out of the life God wants you to have. It will keep you right where you are now. Are you self-satisfied? Are you really seeking the Lord’s will? You might have already earned a degree, written a book, received awards. Don’t get comfortable. Ask yourself if you’ve done everything God wants you to do.

May you overthrow complacency and rid yourself of every lie that would cause you to settle for a shadow life. May you seek your life within the pages of the Bible with passion. It’s all there. Wholeness and increase in EVERY way. That’s your God-Given life.



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