A Personal Story About Weight Loss, Speaking God’s Word & the Strength Behind Asking For Help

by Karin Peavy on February 6, 2017

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A Personal Story About Weight Loss, the Power of Words and the Strength Behind Asking For Help

Last year I had health challenges. I’m okay now. Praise God! But there is still the issue of losing weight. Weight loss would be so beneficial to me in many ways.

I reached a place where I did not know what to eat, was hardly in the mood for anything and that made me choose unhealthy foods. Oh, I knew what was good for me but I wasn’t drawn to those foods. At the start of the year, my goal was to eat more vegetables. I seemed to be turned off by all vegetables.

Finally, I visited a Dietitian. She made me understand what was going on inside my body. She worked with me and created an eating plan for me. We established a weight loss goal. When I left her office, I was energized and encouraged. I looked forward to going to the store to buy and eat the foods she suggested — foods I had not wanted to eat previously. This morning I had one of her recommended breakfasts.

Words are powerful! The Dietitian’s words had a direct effect on my mind which in turn affected my appetite.


Don’t be afraid to seek help for weight loss or any other challenge you are facing. Someone else’s knowledge has the power to propel you into the next season.


Words by themselves have a great impact good or bad. Imagine what the Word of God can do when you speak it over your life.

There is power in getting help. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 says,

Two are better than one because a good return comes when two work together. If one of them falls, the other can help him up. But who will help the pitiful person who falls down alone? In the same way, if two lie down together, they can keep each other warm. But how will the one who sleeps alone stay warm against the night? And if one person is vulnerable to attack, two can drive the attacker away. As the saying goes, “A rope made of three strands is not quickly broken.”

I’ve known for a long time that I needed to lose weight. Many times I’ve begun my own weight loss program. I’ve done well at first and then stopped. Why? No accountability. When I sought the help of a professional I found motivation. So far, I’ve lost three pounds. Not a lot of weight but I am on my way. I am looking forward to what God will show me through this experience of exercising and choosing the right foods. (That’s how God works with me. He is always giving me revelation through every day situations.)

Put these two powerful principles to work today:

Pray God’s Word. Do it consistently. The Word will change you. God watches over His Word until it is accomplished (Jeremiah 1:12).

Reach out for help. Don’t go it alone. Attend seminars. Listen to CD’s. Take a class. Get personal coaching. Someone has information that you need. They have been through an experience that has taught them something that can propel you into the next season

Even though I have targeted the subject of weight loss in this article, these principle will apply to any challenge you are facing.



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Alan Irving February 7, 2017 at 7:46 pm

An interesting article. On the practical side, my wife tried Slimmers World but ended up eating too much of the diet alternatives, then she went to Weight Watchers to achieve a gold target and lost 9St (130 lb) and became an active helper. True she has put on some since over past two years but has settled to a practical level that she can maintain.
Message – Well done so far but keep at it and you will reach the Lord’s goal for yourself, Then still keep close to His way! If at first things don’t seem to work, seek His advice. Maybe His goal is as you have perceived it but you are getting their on the wrong railway line or maybe just the slow line because you are still tied back by too many worldly carriages.


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