Walk By Faith and Not By Sight: Do You know How?

by Karin Peavy on January 23, 2015

in Faith

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walk by faith and not by sight: do you know how?Do you know what it means to walk by faith? We hear that phrase a lot and I want to give you a clear understanding.

FAITH is extremely important. Hebrews 11:6 says if you don’t walk by faith, you can’t please God. Read that statement again. God created you to honor and please Him, so you can see it’s absolutely essential you know what faith is and how to use it.

Faith is MORE than just believing God exists. Faith certainly begins there but goes further! Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of what you don’t see (Hebrews 11:1). The word “see” implies all the senses. In other words, faith is the evidence of what you can’t see, touch, smell, hear or feel.

To walk by faith is to believe everything God says in His Word is true with no if’s or but’s! When you walk by faith you take God at His Word and resist every thought contrary to the Word.

When you walk by faith, you take the steps God is leading you to take without seeing the entire picture. You trust God that as you take the first step, He’ll reveal the next. When I decided to write this article, a phrase came to mind: walk by faith. I didn’t have all the words. But I started by writing the first sentence: Do you know what it means to walk by faith? Then the next sentence came and then the next.

To walk by faith does not involve foolishness. Sometimes we Christians can get overly spiritual (which is not true spirituality at all!) and go in directions that are not sanctioned by God. For instance, have you heard of someone rebuking the fattening calories from dessert? They want to eat the cake, pie, etc., but they don’t want the consequences of eating the fat! What is required here is discipline or temperance, a fruit of the Spirit. If you don’t want the calories, don’t eat it!

Some Christians believe God will supernaturally make them rich and successful with little or no effort on their part because the Word promises prosperity. I don’t believe God works that way. He is practical and does not raise spoiled children. Instead, He might give you an idea and bless you with the wisdom to develop it or lead you to work with someone who can develop the idea. He will lead you to classes, books or seminars to learn more about your field.

Faith is walking WITH God. That involves understanding HIS thinking and ways. You can’t pray for what is not consistent with a Godly lifestyle. You can’t pray for God to take you down a path that is not in line with His plan for your life.

Now that you know what it means to walk by faith, take stock to see if you are. Is the Bible your final authority? Do you believe it even when people or circumstances say it’s not true? Or, do you engage in foolishness and call it faith? As you seek the Lord about this area, God will open your eyes and give you more understanding.

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