Sweet Hour of Prayer: Keys to Developing a Stronger Prayer Life

by Karin Peavy on July 17, 2014

in Prayer, Spiritual Growth

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sweet hour of prayer: keys for developing a stronger prayer life

Sweet hour of prayer!

Sweet hour of prayer!

That calls me from a world of care

And bids me at my Father’s throne

Make all my wants and wishes known.

In seasons of distress and grief

My soul has often found relief

And oft escaped the tempter’s snare

By thy return, sweet hour of prayer!

These words are from a popular hymn titled Sweet Hour of Prayer. I’ve loved this hymn since I was a little girl and still love to sing these words. The hymn expresses such wonderful truths about prayer. I’m sure you agree.

Still, some of you might struggle with prayer. The hour is not sweet at all. Perhaps you don’t know what to say. When you do speak, you wonder if God has heard your prayer. I want to offer some refreshment to this subject that will help you turn your struggle into triumph.


Know that God is listening. His ears are always open to your prayers.


Don’t get hung up in saying everything perfectly. God is looking at your heart.


Don’t feel you have to pray at the same time every day. Personally, I pray short prayers all through the day. I am always lifting up my social media communities, family, friends, and praying about some situation.


You don’t have to pray in the same place all the time. You might have a special place set aside for prayer and that is great. Personally, I need to change it up a bit. I like to pray in my car but I also pray at my desk, in my bedroom, etc. It’s also nice to pray at the beach or while you’re walking in the park. Sometimes a change of scenery goes a long way.


Prayer does not have to be long to be effective. In fact, Jesus warned us against “much speaking.” It’s not number of words but the quality.


Pray God’s Word. This is one of the most effective forms of prayer. When you speak God’s Word, you are praying His will.


Pray in tongues. This is a personal spiritual language discussed in I Corinthians 12. When you pray in tongues, you are speaking mysteries to God. You may not know what is going on with someone or a particular circumstance. But the Holy Spirit does and will pray through you as you use your spiritual language.


Pray in faith. The person or situation you are praying about may not change immediately. Don’t quit! God promises to hear your prayers and ANSWER.

Beloved, I pray for these guidelines to strengthen your prayer life. I hope they motivate you to engage in prayer often.

Sweet hour of prayer!

Sweet hour of prayer!

Thy wings shall my petition bear

To Him whose truth and faithfulness

Engage the waiting soul to bless

And since He bids me seek His face

Believe His Word and trust His grace

I’ll cast on Him my every care

And wait for thee, sweet hour of prayer!

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