4 Success Keys From the Book of Job that You Must Know, Part One

by Karin Peavy on May 29, 2014

in Biblical Meditation, Change Your Life, Successful Living

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8 success keys from the book of job you must knowDuring my involvement with an abusive church, I came to know a “mean” Jesus. This Jesus was always displeased with me. I could never do anything right. Because this image of Jesus was hammered into me, my relationship with God grew cold. I turned from the Bible and prayer and leaned toward entertainment for fulfillment.

After leaving that church the Lord spoke to me about putting our relationship right. I had so many desires but knew that Jesus had to come first as He had when I first met Him. In fact, putting Jesus first was the conduit to my desires.

The Lord led me to Job 22:21-30 which has 8 wonderful success keys you must know. These keys helped break the grip of the entertainment spirit that held me. They helped me regain my passion for God. You can apply these keys to any area of life. Let’s start by looking at the first three keys.

 “SUBMIT to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.”

Submit means to resist no longer, but to give way, yield. In other words, STOP FIGHTING GOD. If you’re like me, you’ve been guilty of that. Maybe you’re convinced you know what will work. But you already know that God’s mind is bigger than yours. Isaiah 55:9 says His thoughts and His ways are HIGHER.

When you say, “Lord, I’m giving this to you; Take it and have you way” you become at peace with Him.

Look at the results of submitting to God: prosperity will come to you.

I always like to emphasize that prosperity does not only include money although financial abundance is part of God’s plan for you. It also means blessing in every area of your life including your health, relationships and more.

“ACCEPT instruction from his mouth…”

Choose; take hold of the Word of God. This action must be done on purpose, a deliberate action. Choosing to take hold of God’s Word involves resisting anything contrary to what the Bible says. 

“LAY UP HIS WORDS in your heart.”

This is Biblical meditation. To meditate means to…

Speak scripture

Visualize scripture

Memorize scripture

Think deeply on how to apply scripture

In Part Two, we will look at more success keys from Job 22:21-30 and we’ll find out their benefit when you put them to work.



Karin Peavy


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