How Stress Wastes Time, Ruins Your Life and Keeps You From God’s Best

by Karin Peavy on November 7, 2016

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Stress is a total waste of time. It ruins the quality of your life and keeps you from receiving God’s best.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever had a problem that was right in your face? You couldn’t stop thinking about it. It made you feel sick inside and filled you with dread. Maybe you couldn’t sleep or enjoy special events. That is because stress is a thief.  

I was tempted recently to stress out over a traffic ticket. Wasted money. That’s what I think. Don’t I have enough bills to pay? Tickets are just an added burden to my budget.

I decided on the date I would visit the courthouse and set aside money for what I thought I might have to pay. I had no idea of the real cost. 

At the same time I dealt with another situation, a phone call I had to make that I dreaded. The enemy tried to put discouragement on me many times but I resisted. I spoke scripture and put it in God’s hand.

Stress is a form of unbelief. It’s simply not trusting God.


I had anticipated running into a problem with the folks I had to call. I shouldn’t have since I had prayed over it. The phone call went smoothly. The woman I spoke to was friendly and accommodating. The outcome encouraged me to trust God concerning the ticket.

I disliked the thought of going to the courthouse but the ticket said I had to report. The night before I looked up the address and decided to click on the courthouse’s website. Hmmmm, I wondered. Can I pay online and skip that visit to the courthouse? I entered the ticket number. All my information came up and I discovered I could pay online. And, (drumroll please) the amount wasn’t nearly as much as I imagined!

I am glad I did not yield to stress.  Just think about the wasted time and the depression. As I said before, stress is a thief.

Stress is also a form of unbelief. It’s simply not trusting God. In Matthew 6 Jesus warns against getting caught up in worrying about the issues of life. Worry doesn’t produce any resolution. It only makes you sick.

Stress is a thief.


I have seen some people get their problems solved and keep right on complaining about the next difficulty that crops up. They never stop to appreciate the answer to prayer. When you yield situations to God instead of worrying, God changes your perspective. You learn thankfulness. You should be thankful because God commands you to have this attitude in every circumstance. Thankfulness honors God and chases away bitterness and complaining.

no more stress

Determine to walk in peace instead of stress. Give your cares completely to God. You’ll know when you have. You won’t spend time agonizing over the problem every minute of the day. You’ll actually think about other things. 

Don’t let stress rob you blind. Press into trusting God and His Word and receive His best. Live the life God has designed for you, one filled with peace and joy.



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