Soak Your Spirit in God’s Presence to Gain Strength & Wisdom

by Karin Peavy on December 9, 2014

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Need Refreshment? Three Ways to Soak in God's Presence!

I believe these are the End Times. These are difficult days and you need to depend on God more than ever. You need to soak your spirit in God’s presence so that your faith will be strong enough to stand against the enemy’s strategies.

Unfortunately, many Christians allow themselves to get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life that they neglect the Word of God and prayer. Don’t be guilty of doing the same! In addition to the normal time you spend with God, there are times when you need to set aside special time to seek the Lord. This is especially true if you feel, confused or going through a tough transition. Here are three simple ways to soak your spirit in God’s presence to gain the strength and wisdom you need to gain the victory you long for.


Take a day off from work. Put your feet up and listen to a recording of the Bible or teaching CD’s of your favorite Bible Teacher or Pastor for several hours. My church records the Sunday message in MP3 format which can be accessed from their website. Maybe your church does the same. If you want to listen to the Bible, visit Listening to God’s Word is especially helpful when you are too tired to focus on reading.

A word of caution: You might feel tempted to do housework, go through the mail or get involved in other tasks you normally do because you are at home. Resist! Take this time to really take in what you are listening to.


Fast from TV, movies, going out with friends, etc. for a week. Use that time to study and meditate on the Word and for prayer.


Zero in on one verse that especially touches you. Read it from several translations. Use to look up words from the verse in the Hebrew and Greek. (Sounds hard? It’s not complicated at all! Try it!) Pray that verse into your life with the new understanding you gained from studying the verse.

I got delivered from fear one weekend. I focused on one scripture about fear and spoke it out that weekend many, many times. Determined to get free, each time I thought about my situation, I spoke the verse out loud. I don’t know how often I spoke that scripture but the fear faded.


You might need to get away for a weekend or just overnight. If you can’t afford a hotel, maybe you can stay in the extra room at a friend or family member’s home. Make sure the atmosphere is quiet.

Bring along your Christian books, CD’s (music and Bible teaching), and, of course, your Bible. Read, listen, worship and pray. As you get started, the Holy Spirit will lead you and speak to you.

At this point, you may have thought about other ways you can soak your spirit in God’s presence. I hope you will use those methods and any described above.

Friends, it’s God’s will for you to live abundantly and victoriously. Don’t be overcome by this world and its troubles. Soak your spirit in God’s presence and let the Lord fill you.




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Mary Sayler December 10, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Good article, Karin, and good timing! I just highlighted my post on “Revelations about the church in Revelation” on the Christian Poets & Writers blog and will now highlight yours. 🙂 God bless.


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