4 Actions You Can Take to Regroup and Press Forward After Disappointment

by Karin Peavy on January 9, 2017

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Are you afraid to step out because you fear your hard work will go to waste? Maybe you’ve written a book or planned an event and got disappointing results. Does that mean you should give up? Does that mean your effort was a waste of time? My answer to both questions is NO. Your work is NEVER in vain. And, if you have a gift to share with the world, don’t back down! Here are four actions you can take to help you regroup and press forward after you have experienced disappointment.

Go in the right direction

Self-discovery is extremely important when you desire success in a particular area. You might believe you are strong in a specific area but that might not be your strength at all. Ask close friends and family members to identify what they believe to be your strengths. Take an evaluation to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few to start:


Multiple Intelligences

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Have the right motivation

Did you write that book imagining your name on the New York Times Bestsellers list? Did you see hundreds attending your event and telling you how wonderful it is? There is nothing wrong with wanting that kind of success. But your core motivation should always be a desire to help others.


Don’t let past disappointment hold you back. Regroup and press forward!


Get the help you need

You’ve already learned that success is about self-discovery. It is also about self-development. Once you identify your skills, develop them. Take classes and read books. You might even decide to earn a degree in your subject of interest. The bottom line is research and learning from the experts.

Realize your hard work is never in vain

You may not have received the response you wanted to your project, but you…

…made an important decision by starting the project.

…gained a lesson in discipline by bringing the project to completion.

…overcame fear and found the courage to step out and announce your project to the world.

…learned to think for yourself.

…didn’t let others discourage you.

I bet if you gave it some thought, you would discover some other important lessons learned as well.

Don’t let past disappointments hold you back. Regroup and press forward using the guidance above. Put the knowledge you receive into the next project and get stronger results.




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