Praise the Lord and Shoot Off Rays of Light!

by Karin Peavy on September 9, 2014

in Exhortation, Praise and Worship

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praise the lord and shoot off rays of light

Praise the Lord and Shoot Off Rays of Light!


Are you drowning in fear and despair?

God NEVER leaves you hopeless and helpless. There is always a way out and here’s something you can begin to do NOW. It’s not only going to make you feel better and make you stronger…

…it’s going to harness God’s presence and bring Him smack dab into your circumstances.

This act I am about to show you is going to boost your faith and help you see God more clearly. What am I talking about? I am talking about…


Praise releases your faith in God and says, “God, I trust You. I know you heard my prayers and now I am going to come out like gangbusters and give you praise!”

When you praise God in the midst of your difficulty, you are not ignoring the problem. No, you are facing it head on and declaring with your mouth that Jesus is Lord over your circumstance. You are declaring that the devil is defeated and the answer is on the way!

Praising God brings Him into the situation because He is INSIDE your praises:

But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel–Psalm 22:3

Praise MAGNIFIES God. It makes Him bigger! Praise lifts God and His abilities above the problem so that you can focus on God and His promises alone.

Too many times we wallow in how bad we feel, how awful the situation is, how much we hate the circumstance. This is a natural reaction – a human reaction and God certainly understands how you feel. HOWEVER, you are God’s supernatural child. Remember, you are a chip off the old block so to speak. You have His character inside you and God expects you to tap into that character to be the victor He created you to be.

Listen, David continually gave God praise. Do you remember all the problems He had? King Saul wanted David dead and chased after him for years. If David could praise God in the midst of such a horrible situation, you can too! You see, praise is not something you do when you feel good. Praise is something you do when everything seems to be falling apart. In the middle of your mess brag on God, tell Him how wonderful He is. Salute and congratulate Him. Give Him thanks. Do you know what you are doing? You are shooting off rays of light! Light drives away darkness!

Here are some resources to help you take action. Speak out these Psalms of Praise. I have also included a link to all Psalms written by King David.

Psalm 18

Psalm 100

Psalm 103

Psalm 145

All Psalms Written By King David





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