The Battle of Jericho Reveals that Jesus is in the Heat With You

by Karin Peavy October 4, 2016 Be Strong in the Lord

Who fought the Battle of Jericho? Was it Joshua as a popular song suggests? Or, was it someone else? This question was posed to me recently. I re-read the story.

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God Will Always Give You the Wisdom You Need to Solve Problems

by Karin Peavy September 29, 2016 Faith

After getting into bed one night, I bolted straight up after hearing some unfamiliar sounds. It wasn’t creaking and bumping exactly but more like clipping and thunking. The noise sounded like it was coming from underneath my bed or in the closet. I had no idea what caused those sounds but my over active imagination immediately conjured up the idea of a large insect.

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Intimidation is the Devil’s Trick to Make You Exhausted & Defeated

by Karin Peavy September 26, 2016 Believe Gods Word

  Intimidation is the devil’s weapon. He uses it to make you weak and exhausted. He rears his ugly head to wreak havoc in your life. Sometimes your reaction is to lie down in the middle of the road and let him run all over you. You can hardly sleep at night thinking about all the […]

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Co-Dependency, One of the Enemy’s Deadliest Weapons

by Karin Peavy September 22, 2016 Change Your Life

For sixteen years, I held on to the belief that I was appreciated and that doors would open allowing me to use my abilities. Somehow I was able to ignore the constant correction (seemed none of us could ever do anything right), late night meetings (I never got to bed before midnight back in those days even though I had to go to work the next morning), and how my mentors left one by one. After those three women vanished, to me, the light went out of that place. Out of fear, the leader became even more controlling.

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Feeling Stuck? You’re NOT and Let Me Tell You Why

by Karin Peavy September 19, 2016 Change Your Life

Remember the children of Israel? Stuck between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army, it seemed there was no place to go. It looked as if they would be re-captured and put back into slavery. Then the impossible happened! Moses lifted up his rod and the Red Sea opened!

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The Truth Will Bring Freedom But Here’s What You Must Do FIRST

by Karin Peavy September 15, 2016 Faith

There are times when the truth is hard to bear. When you read John 8:12-58, you will discover a conversation between Jesus and the Pharisees. The Pharisees found Jesus’ words extremely difficult to receive. That’s because they cut and exposed their deceit. These religious leaders only pretended to be holy when deep down they were “full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.” (Matthew 23:27).

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You Have a Covenant with God: Are You Fully Taking Advantage of it?

by Karin Peavy September 12, 2016 Believe Gods Word

A covenant can be described as an agreement, commitment, contract or guarantee. You have a covenant with God. The question is are you fully taking advantage of it?

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Spiritual Growth Will Come When You Daily Plant God’s Word

by Karin Peavy September 8, 2016 Spiritual Growth

Are you concerned about your spiritual growth? All Christians hit a point when they believe they are not growing in Christ fast enough. But when you daily plant the seed of God’s Word in your heart, spiritual growth will come! The Word is constantly at work even when it appears there is no fruit.

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Endurance: No Matter How Tough Life Gets, it CAN Change!

by Karin Peavy September 5, 2016 Be Strong in the Lord

Endurance is hard. It’s tough to face the same difficult situation day after day. It’s hard to pray and pray and pray while nothing seems to change. Still, no matter how tough life gets, your life will change when you lean on the Lord. Here are three important keys that will help you to stand […]

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Stop, Look & Listen: Keys For Tuning in to Hear God’s Voice

by Karin Peavy September 2, 2016 Guidance

God does not want you to guess at what you are to do. He wants to give you a specific plan. in order to receive it, you must get still and listen.

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