Hold On to the End! The Absolute Importance of Having Patience & Not Giving Up!

by Karin Peavy May 1, 2017 Be Strong in the Lord

I’ll be the first to admit that exercising patience is difficult. You have to hold on to the end. The challenge is not knowing how long you will need to hold on. You can feel like you’re going crazy by the waiting. (Come on. Be honest. Smile.) Years ago, during a critical time in my life, […]

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Hearing God’s Voice is One of the Biggest Benefits of Prayer

by Karin Peavy April 17, 2017 Guidance

It’s easy to go to God, mouth off then leave the prayer room. When you do, you’re missing out on the biggest benefit of prayer: hearing God’s voice.

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Beauty and the Beast: My Thoughts on Happy Endings After the Struggle

by Karin Peavy April 6, 2017 Believe Gods Word

When you trust God happy endings are possible at the end of the struggle. That’s why I so loved the movie Beauty and the Beast just released.   Beauty and the Beast reminds me of the longings we have. We want more and sometimes have no idea how to get it. We pray and stand on God’s […]

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Bible Study: The Road to Becoming Qualified to Lead Others

by Karin Peavy March 29, 2017 Uncategorized

Bible study is necessary for spiritual growth and to gain the knowledge to lead others. Leadership is not limited to heads of business or organizations. Parents, teachers, and supervisors are also leaders. If you stand in these capacities or in any other decision-making position, as a Believer in Jesus, being well versed in what the Bible […]

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Has your Fullness of Time Come? Are You Prepared For What You Have Prayed For?

by Karin Peavy March 15, 2017 Prayer

Has your fullness of time come? Are you ready for what you have prayed for? Just recently the phrase “fullness of time” came to mind. The Holy Spirit reminded me of scripture that contained this phrase: But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made […]

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Arise & Shine! Be Radiant with the Glory of the Lord! You are NOT Helpless!

by Karin Peavy February 27, 2017 Be Strong in the Lord

Friends, it’s time for you to ARISE and SHINE. In the Hebrew, the Word shine means to shoot off beams. Imagine the flash of lightning or the rays from the sun. Shine also means to show yourself. Too many Christians hide from the world in a sense by seeing themselves are ordinary, nothing special. Do you […]

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Fellowship with God is the Key to Getting Your Prayers Answered

by Karin Peavy February 13, 2017 Relationship With God

I pulled my car into a parking space at my place of work and turn off the engine. Not wanting to just rush in to work, I decide to spend a few moments in fellowship with God. I lean my head back and sigh. Probably for the millionth time during my 40 years of walking […]

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A Personal Story About Weight Loss, Speaking God’s Word & the Strength Behind Asking For Help

by Karin Peavy February 6, 2017 Empowerment

Last year I had health challenges. I’m okay now. Praise God! But there is still the issue of losing weight. Weight loss would be so beneficial to me in many ways. I reached a place where I did not know what to eat, was hardly in the mood for anything and that made me choose […]

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A Word From God About Effort, Change and the Successful Life You Long For

by Karin Peavy January 23, 2017 Uncategorized

  If you truly want to move forward in life, it’s going to take some effort on your part. If your desire is to get out of debt, you’re going to have to decide what bill to focus on first, how much you will pay every month. Then you’ll have to stick to that schedule. If you […]

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Why it Takes Dreams So Long to Come True: 12 Facts You Need to Know

by Karin Peavy January 17, 2017 Be Strong in the Lord

I had a candid talk with God this morning inspired by a conversation I had with a sister in Christ. She has been working towards a specific goal and trusting God in this area for many years. The day we spoke, she wasn’t feeling like she has made much progress and was feeling weary. Later, I […]

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