Jesus Christ: a Unique, Challenging and Powerful Life

by Karin Peavy on April 13, 2015

in Purpose, Relationship With God, Responsibility, Spiritual Growth

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Yjesus christ: a unique, challenging and powerful life

You are called to live a unique, challenging, extraordinary and powerful life. “Wait a minute, Karin. I thought this article was about Jesus.” It is! But when we talk about our Lord, you automatically come into the picture. Because everything Jesus did on earth was for YOU. He is your example.

I know what you’re saying. “I can’t live the life Jesus did. He was God! I’m not God!” No, you aren’t BUT you are a chip off the old block as they say. God lives in you. His character is in you. All of His attributes were placed in your spirit when you became Born Again.

Let that sink in for a moment. Suddenly, you are not “little old struggling with finances and physical conditions you.” No, the God of this Universe lives in you and wants to rise BIG in you. He wants to move you past those financial struggles, physical conditions and whatever else is holding you back.

How does that happen? Pay attention to Jesus’ life. He was unique. He was God living on earth. Angels had come to earth before but NEVER before had God come to live among man.

You too are unique. God has given you an assignment that no one else has. Take some time thinking about your personality, your likes, dislikes, what you enjoy, what turns you off. Pray over your list. I believe God will help you understand your purpose.

Although Jesus Christ was God, His life wasn’t without problems. For one thing, the religious leaders hated Him. The devil opposed Him in the wilderness for 40 days. Often, His disciples, those closest to Him, did not understand Him. At one point, a crowd Jesus had just finished speaking to became so angry, they tried to throw Him off a cliff. But thankfully, Jesus escaped.

Jesus never let any challenge stop Him. He came to do the Father’s will, and He accomplished just that. He doesn’t want you to let the challenges of life stop you either. Jesus depended on the Father. He spent time in prayer. He used the Word of God to answer every lie of the devil when He was in the wilderness. You’ll have to do the same. You’ll have to pray regularly, and arm yourself with the Word of God by reading, studying and meditating on it. You’ll have to be so dedicated to these practices that you will REFUSE to let anything come between you and your time with God.

Jesus Christ lived a powerful life, didn’t He? Although He faced many problems, including death on a cross and taking our punishment in Hell, He healed the sick, raised the dead and cast out demons. He reached out to the unlovely. He rose from the dead and snatched the keys of Hell and death from the devil. (I would have loved to have seen the devil’s face when that happened! LOL.) He finished His assignment and today He sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for you and me. The Father gave Him all power in Heaven and earth. His name is above ALL names.

You can live a powerful life too. Because of Jesus, you are MORE than a Conqueror, a blessed and dearly loved child of God, a Victor, an Overcomer, and more. God made you all this so you can press through the hard spots in life. You are tougher than you think.

Because of Jesus Christ, you are unique and extraordinary. Nothing God makes is insignificant, and that includes you. You have the power to be more and do more. Hook up with God daily and let Him take you there.




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