Why You Must Hold on to Your Dream and Keep Moving Forward

by Karin Peavy on November 30, 2016

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Why You Must Hold on to Your Dream and Keep Moving Forward

Hold on to your dream!

Keep moving forward!

Someone needs you. There is someone crying out to God at this very moment and YOU are the answer to their prayer.

Don’t look at your dream as optional. Don’t say, “It won’t make a difference if this happens or not.” God gave you that idea for a reason. It could be the difference between life and death for someone. Stop looking at yourself and your ideas as unimportant. Write them down and place them before the Almighty. Ask God what He wants to do. Get HIS Word on it. Don’t put that dream on the back burner again.

Do you remember the Parable of the Talents? One servant received five talents, another ten and still another one talent. The servants with the five and ten talents used theirs and gained more. But the servant who had just one talent buried his. Why? He was AFRAID. Even still, the master who had handed out the talents called him an unfaithful servant. 

Are you afraid? Do you lack the confidence to step out? That is not a sin. But yielding to fear is. “Fear not” is found in the Bible 170 times. It is not a suggestion but a COMMAND.

Don’t see your dream as optional. Seek the Lord. Get HIS Word on it.

Fear is a dream killer. What you must get your head wrapped around is that it’s not YOU doing the work. God does the work through you. Remember, He is the vine. You are the branch. Jesus told us in John 15 that without Him we can’t do anything. All you have to do is make yourself available.

Here’s another dream killer: getting too caught up in every day living. There is a tendency to only focus on the daily living tasks such as work, taking the kids to school, preparing meals and more. Of course these tasks have to get done. BUT you are not called to the natural but the supernatural. You are God’s supernatural child. You must make time daily to connect with Him via prayer, worship, studying the Word and fellowship with other Christians. What distracts you? Watching TV? Constantly striving for a spotless home that ends up sucking away all your time? What about hanging out with friend? Talking on the phone? Be careful. If it’s only a lot of small talk, catching up, talking about the weather and it’s stealing your time with God, cut back.

Connection to the Vine is the only way you will carry out your goals and dreams.

Fellowship with God is absolutely crucial. Jesus is the Vine. You are the branch. Without Jesus we can’t do anything. Connection to the Vine is the only way you will carry out your goals and dream. Connection to the Vine is how you come to the place of realizing your importance in the Kingdom of God. Ask yourself today what you can do to make more room for God.

Hold on to your dream!

Keep moving forward!

Don’t let the thief steal your dream. Don’t see it as optional. Pray over it. Make yourself available and let the Lord work through you. This world needs you.



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