Hearing God’s Voice is One of the Biggest Benefits of Prayer

by Karin Peavy on April 17, 2017

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Hearing Gods Voice is One of the Biggest Benefits of Prayer

It’s easy to go to God and starting mouthing off with complaints, how bad you feel, how awful life is. For many of you it has become a habit to talk and talk and talk and then leave the prayer room without giving God a chance to respond. That might make you feel better but you are missing out on the biggest benefit of prayer: hearing God’s voice. 

You are in a relationship with God. In a relationship, communication is key. All parties involved should speak. If only one person does all the talking there is no real communication.

I’m sure you agree hearing God’s voice is all important. He’s the one with all the information — the understanding you need. So, when you don’t give God a chance to speak, you’re missing out…big time.

Hearing God’s voice strengthens your union with Him. He knows all about you and your life but you need to learn more of Him. The more familiar you are with Him, the stronger you become. Your confidence in God will increase as you become secure in His love for you.

Hearing God’s voice demands the right atmosphere. The next time you are in prayer, prepare your heart by following the instructions in Psalm 100. Come into His presence with singing, praise and thanksgiving before you talk about your problems. Tell Him how much you love and need Him. Praise and thanksgiving invites the Lord in. Remember, this is about connection. Then let the Holy Spirit direct your prayers. You see, we should be led by the Spirit even in what we say to God in prayer.

Pray God’s Word for His Word is His perfect will. Then get quiet and wait before the Lord. Think on His greatness and wonderfulness. He might remind you of a scripture, something you heard in a Bible study or worship service. He might remind you how much He loves you. An idea might be revealed, a solution to a problem.

When you do all the talking and don’t give God a chance to speak, that’s pride. You are not opening yourself to His wisdom. You are not trying to see your life as HE sees it. When you get off to a private place where you can listen to God that is humility. You are saying, “God I need You. I need to hear what you have to say to Me.”

It takes discipline to become silent before God. Most Christians are impatient and want everything now. Their lives are a whirl of activity. But cultivating the habit of quietness conditions your mind to pay attention and see. There could be things happening in your household you are not aware of just because you’ve lived in a rush.

Hearing God’s voice takes time. Be still before Him. Keep this in mind: God wants you to hear His voice more than you do. If you truly want to hear Him, He will make sure you do.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” ― Ram Dass

“The LORD will fight for you while you keep still” – Exodus 14:14.



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