God-Given Dream or Fantasy? Three Tests to Help You Discern

by Karin Peavy on August 10, 2016

in Guidance, Hearing God's Voice, Purpose

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God-Given Dream or Fantasy? Three Tests to Help You Discern

Is there a dream in your heart? Maybe you long for marriage or the day your business becomes hugely prosperous. Perhaps there’s a certain career you want to pursue. You might be fully persuaded that your dream is God-given. Maybe you aren’t sure at all. If you fall into the latter class, keep reading.

One of the ways you can test your dream is to think about who would benefit. God has called you to love. A God-given dream would bring good to you and also to others. 

A God-given dream will pass the test of time. Called to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt years before, Moses didn’t fulfill that task until the age of 80. The Prophet Samuel anointed David as King long before he actually took the throne.


A God-given dream will be your passion. You’ll do it if you get paid or not. 


Waiting for your desire to come to pass is tough. But here is something to remember. Waiting on God is not sitting back and doing nothing. This is a training period. Moses spent time in the desert watching over his father in law’s flocks for years. He became a husband and a father. Could it be that these experiences helped him develop the care and nurturing attitude he would need toward his people? David too was a shepherd. Later, he headed a group of 400 men. God used these circumstances to prepare David for rulership.

A God-given dream will be your passion. What drives you? Helping the poor? Writing? Composing music? When an activity is your passion, you’ll do it simply from enjoyment. You’ll do it day in and out without getting paid.

Take your dream through the three tests I described above. Will it be a blessing to someone else? Is it your passion? Are you willing to wait on it? As you go through this exercise, God will speak to you. He will lead you.



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