God Does Not Always Work the Way You Expect

by Karin Peavy on April 26, 2018

in Faith, Obedience, Prosperity, Purpose, Responsibility

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I know something about hanging onIn 1990, I had some nitty-gritty conversations with God. I had one foot out of the church I had attended for several years. In spite of my dedication to that church and the promise that big things would happen, my life wasn’t going anywhere. 

God speaks during difficult times…

The Lord spoke to me so clearly. I have something for you, He said. How delicious, I thought, quivering with excitement. I thought something powerful would come crashing through the ceiling at any time. I knew God would knit my life together. It would include reclaiming my overweight body through weight loss, new friends and experiences. God would help me connect with my purpose. I also knew that “something” would include finances. God spoke to me about a sum of money. Daily I expected a phone call, a letter, the doorbell to ring. I left my imagination run free. Maybe Publishing Clearinghouse would show up at my doorstep. Lol. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Minutes turned into days. 

Your faith is stronger than you think

I was in between jobs for a while which gave me a lot of time to get before God. Finally, I had to go back to work. I kept expecting. Days turned into weeks. I stood on the Word, got upset when what I wanted didn’t come fast enough, calmed down, trusted God again.

Weeks turned into months and months into years. It is now 28 years later. Guess what? After years of thinking my faith wasn’t strong enough, that I wasn’t doing enough to make my faith stronger, I just realized God answered my prayer. Yes, you read it right. I just realized it!

We are so busy looking in one direction, we are blind to what God is doing. Reminds me of an Iron Fist episode when his enemies waited for him to come up in an elevator. There they were with guns pulled. But the Iron Fist didn’t come through the elevator. He crashed through the window behind them and surprised them all. God certainly does not answer when we expect and He doesn’t always answer the way we expect.

How did God answer my prayer? I logged in to my retirement account recently and saw that the sum of money God spoke to me about all those years ago is there. Year after year, the company I work for put money aside. I put money aside. When I looked at the amount saved up, I lifted my hands to the Lord and said, “Thank you, Jesus.” My faith was always stronger than I thought it was.

Put God first
I mentioned above that during those years of waiting on God I had moments of doubt along with financial concerns. God has totally taken care of them. I doubted because I could not see. But God had my back all along! He has your back too!
God started my recovery process by giving me new purpose. He showed me I have something to say and led me to say it in writing. I began with a print newsletter I mailed to a hundred people. That evolved into an email newsletter. Then I started a blog. 
Listen to me carefully! I had to walk in my purpose FIRST. The rest fell into place. This may be a missing key in your life. Are you involved in God’s work? Encouraging the Body of Christ? Are you sharing your faith with others? Are you daily interceding for your church, school, neighborhood? You see, it’s not about you getting what you want. It’s about God using your life to bless others.
Let this story help you to SEE that God is always at work. He is faithful and will do what you ask when you do what He asks.
God always does His part. You have to do yours.
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Bess August 22, 2018 at 1:58 am

Hi Karin!
I just found your blog and I’m SO Blessed by it! I needed to read this blog tonight and GOD KNEW THAT and took me here through Google! THANK YOU for serving us in this way. Please keep writing, speaking this LIFE to us! BE blessed!!! ~ Bess


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