Giving Opens the Door For God’s Involvement in Your Finances

by Karin Peavy on June 2, 2016

in Prosperity

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Giving Opens the Door to God's Involvement in Your Finances

Today, I want to talk to you about tithing (giving the tenth of all your income) and giving in general. Let me start by asking two questions:

Do you feel pressured to give to your church or favorite outreach?

Are you giving in an attitude of love and worship or are you responding to a demand to give?

Many church leaders are sincere when they urge church members to give. Others are motivated by their desire for a salary. I read about one Pastor urging his congregation to give their entire first paycheck of the new year. He called this the firstfruit offering (see Leviticus 23:10, just one of many verses that mention firstfruits). There are times when God might tell you to give generously like this, even beyond your budget, and encourage you to trust Him. In those instances, make sure the Spirit of God is leading you. Make sure someone else is not pressuring you.

Your giving is an act of worship. You are not paying a bill. As you prepare your gift, you should fellowship with the Lord over it. Acknowledge God’s goodness and thank Him for what He has given you and your family. Give in faith,  trusting God to increase you and meet all your needs.

I’ve always known that some Christians resist the concept of tithing because they believe it was under the law and we no longer follow those precepts. I’ve always known of the counter argument that Abraham paid tithes long before the law was given. However, I turned up another argument I’d never heard. Abraham paid tithes not from his personal income but from the spoils of war and there is only ONE mention of him doing so (read Genesis 14).

This seems to be a major point for those Christians who don’t believe tithing is for today. Rather, these Christians embrace Spirit-led giving. In other words, no one should tell them how much to give but instead allow them to hear from God on what to sow.

While I support Spirit-led giving, Malachi 3:10 tells us to bring the tithe into the storehouse. To ancient Israel, the storehouse was the Temple Treasury. The temple was a place of worship. Our modern-day “temple” is the church we attend. This is where many Christians bring their tithes.

To rectify this situation, you must bring the entire tithe into the storage house in the temple so that there may be food for Me and for the Levites in My house. Feel free to test Me now in this. See whether or not I, the Eternal, Commander of heavenly armies, will open the windows of heaven to you and pour a blessing down upon you until all needs are satisfied—Malachi 3:10, The Voice Translation. 

In addition, tithing wasn’t done only once. Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, paid tithes (Genesis 28:22). That means Jacob’s father, Isaac, was most likely a tithe payer and probably passed this practice on to his son. Since Isaac and Jacob never gathered any spoils from war, I have to assume they paid tithes from their income.

It’s here that I want to offer some balance. I do believe the tenth belongs to God. I believe that God can multiply the remaining 90 percent. I’ve seen Him do it in my life. However, maybe for you, paying the tithe is the difference between eating and not eating. However, this is not an excuse not to give.

If you are struggling financially, pray about what the Lord would have you give. He might challenge you to tithe and reach out in faith. He might lead you to tithe from what you have left over after you pay your bills. Bottom line, you should give. The Bible teaches giving and tells you that when you do so, God blesses you back (Luke 6:38).

Paying tithes and offerings opens the door to getting God involved in your finances. This is God’s plan for prospering you. Too many Christians depend on credit cards and other types of borrowing. This is one of the main reasons some end up crashing financially. But God is your source.

Even if you’re not at the place where you can tithe, you can grow to that place.

Let me just end by saying it is important to talk about giving because this is how the Lord’s work is accomplished. God wants you to take part so that He can bless you hugely. He wants you and your family to have over and above your needs so that you can continue to be a blessing to others.




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