Fellowship with God Begins with The Word of God

by Karin Peavy on June 15, 2015

in Bible Study, Biblical Meditation, Relationship With God

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fellowship with god starts with the word of god

Fellowship with God each day is the absolute most powerful action you can take for your life.  Having living, daily contact with the Almighty Father fills you with hope, ignites your faith, makes you able to stand during times of difficulty, and opens your heart to God’s voice. Fellowship with God over His Word will strengthen your prayer life. It will give you understanding about your life and God’s design for it. It will connect you with His heart and mind.

Fellowship with God starts with the Bible, God’s Word. You must understand that the Bible is more than words written on paper like a novel. God’s presence is inside every word! Hebrews 4:12 tells us that God’s Word is ALIVE and full of power. As you read, study and meditate on it, you are partaking of God Himself.

The purpose of reading the Bible is to help you gain an understanding of God’s way of doing life.

The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple (Psalm 119:130, KJV).

I am giving you these facts so that you can understand the extreme importance of making the Word of God priority. You must set aside time for it each day. You must take heed to its commands and center your life around it. It must become your authority IF you want to experience its many benefits.

I know that many of you fellowship with God regularly with a Bible reading plan of some kind. However, others might not. In either case, I want to offer some insight that will help you not only set up a daily time with the Lord but add freshness and power as well.

Here are some practical ways to fellowship with God over His Word:


Reading from a daily devotional will help you zero in on a particular Bible truth. Lessons sometimes include a Bible verse you can think about throughout the day or memorize. 


Studying the Word is more involved than reading. Study means to conduct a careful and extended examination. You can run look up several scriptures on a particular subject such as love, peace, family, abundance and more. Use Strong’s for this task as it has every word in the Bible. You can also visit www.biblegateway.com. This latter tool gives you the ability to look up verses in many translations.

Write the verses you read in a notebook and write what God shows you.

Other ideas are to study a Bible character, a book of the Bible or a chapter.

Don’t think you can just read the King James Bible only and get all the understanding you need. You should read the Bible from other translations to give you a better understanding as the KJV is sometimes difficult to understand. There are many Bible study tools available. Don’t neglect these! I’ve already mentioned Strong’s which is a concordance and has the definitions of Bible words in the Greek and Hebrew languages. Biblegateway.com also has commentaries.


Joshua 1:8 tells us that meditation is the key to success. Meditation involves visualization, memorization, thinking about and praying the Word of God. When you use these four components, you cause the Word of God to become part of you. It becomes part of your spiritual DNA.

As you fellowship with God, reading, studying and meditating on the Word will overlap. I’m sure that as you read from a daily devotional or a daily Bible reading plan, you’re going to stop and pray what you are reading into your life. I know the Holy Spirit is going to give you a picture of what that verse looks like for you. As you study the Bible, you’re going to discover scriptures you want to memorize and think about because they encourage you and speak to you where you are at the moment. 

Every scripture is a Word from the Lord. Each time you read the Bible, you are hearing God’s voice. Receive the words you read from the Bible as if God is speaking to you audibly.

I pray that your fellowship with God is enriched. I am trusting God to show you powerful revelation from His Word.


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