Determination: Quality and Consistent Action Yields Results

by Karin Peavy on February 10, 2015

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determination: quality and consistent action yields resultsDuring 2014, I prayed over my business and personal goals. I looked to God to do what He promised. But when January 1, 2015 arrived, I sensed God wanted more. Intensity rose up in me. I have a new level of determination. I am praying and speaking the Word more. I sense God urging me to give Him every care and leave them with Him so that I won’t be distracted from carrying out the tasks He has given me. You see, I have stood on God’s promises for years for something. I sense I am close to a breakthrough. All of Heaven is pushing me forward.

Heaven is pushing YOU forward as well! However, the question is: Do you have the determination to receive from the Lord?

Have you given God a request? Maybe you expected Him to answer long ago but you are still struggling with the same old situation. You might wonder if God heard your prayer.

Yes, God did hear your prayer. The Bible tells you that the Lord’s ears are open to the cry of His children (I Peter 3:12, Psalm 34:15). What’s more, I believe that answered prayer is a privilege that belongs to the Children of God. But to receive anything from the Lord, you will need to take quality and consistent action. Why? Because that’s what faith does!

Faith is all important! Jesus Himself said that what you receive from Him is in proportion to your faith (Matthew 9:29). Many times when healing came, Jesus told the person involved that it was their faith that made them whole. Can you see how crucial faith is?

Quality and determined actions are “led by the Spirit” actions – the instructions God gives you as you seek Him. It’s the willingness to go the distance, to do those instructions however long it takes. I believe these actions are often missing from the walk of many Believers. Let’s look at some examples of determination — QUALITY and DETERMINED actions.

The woman in Mark 5 who was hemorrhaging took action. She pressed through a multitude of people crowding around Jesus. She had a determination to reach Him. As she pressed forward, she said, “If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.” Her faith confession came to pass for she did touch that hem and “…straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.”

Many years ago, I needed answers about my life. I had just left a spiritually abusive church, and I was miserable and confused. I went on an extended fast. I spent most of the day studying the Word, praying it, reading Christian books and listening to Bible teaching tapes. I received wisdom and understanding that has stayed with me and kept me every day. I received a clear vision of my future which continues to unfold. I have great peace and contentment.

A tumor was found in the breast of one of my favorite Bible teachers. Every hour for 24 hours, she spoke the Word on healing to that tumor. At the end of the 24 hours, the tumor was gone.

A Pastor I follow on Facebook had an accident that resulted in a swollen ankle. After applying ice, he sensed he needed to pray in tongues and did so for 3 hours. When he went to bed that night, it seemed impossible to find a comfortable position. Then suddenly the pain stopped.

A husband and wife learned that their unborn child had no arms and legs. They refused that report and turned to God’s promises of healing. They spoke the Word thousands of times. The husband quit his job so he could spend time in the Word building his faith. That child was born whole! (After the birth of the child, the Lord blessed the husband with a higher paying job.)

Luke 18 tells the story of determination. It’s about a woman who came to an unjust judge for help. The judge refused her request. But the woman did not give up. Although the judge had no feeling for anyone, she kept on asking until he gave in.

Do you have the determination? What is God telling you to do? Have you yielded? If you haven’t, make up your mind to change today. God doesn’t play favorites. He will bless you just like the people I mentioned above. Be faithful.




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