Your Breakthrough: How Bad Do You Want it?

by Karin Peavy on June 5, 2014

in Encouragement, Miracles, Prosperity

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Your breakthrough: how bad do you want it?Let me ask you a question. How bad do you want your breakthrough? Maybe your breakthrough is financial or perhaps you are struggling with a particular area of sin, addiction or physical challenge. You need to know that your breakthrough will need some effort on your part. It involves risk — doing something you have never done before. Let me tell you a story to illustrate my point.

Recently, I had a challenge with one of my eyes. Over the weekend, it started burning terribly and was very sensitive to light. I went to the drugstore to buy dry eye drops and began using them. My condition got slightly better but not enough to give me the relief I wanted. So, I visited the drugstore again. This time I picked up a lubricating ointment. I used it and my eye improved a little more but still not enough. My eyes still burned a lot and I was extremely uncomfortable. I usually sleep with a night-light but had to turn it out and sleep in a completely darkened room.

I went to the drugstore a third time and purchased some other items for my eyes. By this time I had seen the doctor and my eyes were a lot better although still dry and a little irritated. A sty had formed but the swelling went down after using a cold compress. I had taken omega-3’s (fish and flax-seed oil), and had purchased and used eye drops recommended to me by the doctor. I also picked up some eye pads, sty ointment and a hot compress that could be heated in the microwave. All contributed to the total healing of my eyes.

I spent a small fortune on my eyes but it was worth the effort. I was willing to spend money to try several items that would help. But because I wanted healing bad enough, the cost didn’t matter.

God is not making you work for your breakthrough. The problem is the obstacles that are in your way. The god of this world, satan, won’t make it easy for you. Yes, God has healing, finances, peace and whatever else you need, but you will have to burst through the doubt, the pain, the doctor’s bad report, etc. to receive what you want. The good news is that you have power over ALL the enemy’s workings. He cannot stop the plan of God.In fact, I want you to say that several times:

The devil cannot stop God’s plan for me!

The devil cannot stop God’s plan for me!

Devil, you are a liar. You cannot stop God’s plan for me!

So, let me ask you again. How bad do you want your breakthrough? Are you willing to invest the money, the time and the effort? Are you willing to pray through? Are you willing the make the risk? Doing all this might seem impossible but with God all things are possible. He will help you. Go to Him. Meditate on His Word. Believe His Word. Speak His Word. HIS PRESENCE IS INSIDE EVERY WORD.

Standing with you for your breakthrough!



Karin Peavy


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