Develop Boldness and Defeat the Spirit of Intimidation

by Karin Peavy on June 16, 2016

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Develop Boldness and Defeat the Spirit of Intimidation

I’ve been challenged in the area of rising above intimidation. As I experienced this emotion, the Lord’s instructions were clear. I needed to walk in boldness. I was not a coward.

Let me give you some more background. Someone in my workplace spoke nasty words to me. This person has often treated me badly. 

There are times when I have to visit this person’s work area. I had to do so the other day. I wanted to find an excuse not to go. The Lord told me to have courage. He reminded me to walk in boldness. I was to stand in the power of His might. I refused to be a coward. I went, did my business and left. 

Those feelings of intimidation stem from childhood. I was timid in elementary school. The bullies seem to know who they can pick on and who they should leave alone. I was one of those that got picked on and ended up drawing away from people. Throughout Jr. High, High School and college, I was sometimes distant. It was a self-protection measure I used to keep from getting hurt.

Over the years, the Lord has helped me develop boldness to become warmer and friendlier. The Lord used this recent situation to help me grow stronger in this area.

Even as adults, you might let people’s wrong attitudes affect you. It’s time to grow up and develop boldness. It’s time to step into the shoes of who you are in Christ. God commanded you to walk in love. For instance, whenever I think of that person who spoke those rude words, I pray for them.

God wants you to use your spiritual authority to defeat the spirit of intimidation. The circumstance discussed above was an attack from the enemy. He wanted to shut me down as he’s tried to do over and over since I was a child. Most likely he’s doing the same in your life. The devil does not want you to realize who you are in Christ. If you do, you will destroy his kingdom. 

I want to urge you to work on growing in boldness. My prayer is that you spread your wings and fly and NEVER let anything make you back down. 



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