How to Stop Making Life Tougher Than it Has to Be

by Karin Peavy on October 14, 2014

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Recently, I attempted to take my mother to the doctor. I say attempted because although I found the building (I’d never been to this area before), I could not find a place to park. I circled around andaround looking for a space with no success. I finally gave up.

Earlier that morning, as I grabbed mom’s medical card, I came across a business card of another doctor my mother went to a few years ago. I briefly wondered why we were traveling so far when this doctor was practically at our back door. But the thought was fleeting.

The doctor we attempted to see is associated with a prestigious University. That’s why I made the appointment with her. But since I have to reschedule the appointment, we will visit the doctor that is closer to home and in an area where parking is easier. T

his experience caused me to think about how we sometimes make life a lot tougher than it has to be. Because of the standards we raise or trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, we go around and around and around (like I did as I searched for a parking space) unable to find what we need. But all we have to do is seek God for His wisdom. The Bible encourages us to do so. In fact, wisdom in the PRINCIPLE thing. We should go after it with our entire being.

We must ask in faith without wavering. We must be willing to stay the course until we get the answers. It might take a while to get the understanding we have prayed for but when it comes, POW! It goes straight to the heart of the matter, removing the obstacles and opening our eyes to see Him more clearly. God’s wisdom solves problems. It helps us to conserve time and energy we can use for important matters.

Here is something else to think about. Taking matters into our own hands leads us far away from home — that secret place spoken of in Psalm 91:1, a place of safety and protection. It’s easy to get confused when we leave that place. It’s easy to end up somewhere unfamiliar not able to find a place to fit in.

Keep this in mind: This life we have belongs to God plain and simple. We are to meet the Lord’s  standards, to use our time and resources the way He sees fit. We each need to seek God daily to make sure we are in HIS flow, not our own or anyone else’s. Amen.

Love, Karin

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