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Depend on God For What You Need: He is Always There

We all know that we should depend on God for what we need. Even still, it’s tempting to lean on others. Let’s look at this subject closer.

A friend asked her husband to pick her up from an appointment. He didn’t arrive when he should have. Someone offered her a ride home but she didn’t accept because she wanted to wait for her husband. However, he got lost.

My friend later told me it was heartbreaking watching her husband pass her up as she stood outside waiting for him. But he did not do it on purpose. We later learned he had the early signs of dementia. And, someone had offered her a ride.

I once locked my keys in my car. Since I did not have roadside service, I called someone who did. I practically had to beg for help.  She suggested a locksmith. But I did not have the funds to pay for that service. Although my friend finally agreed to help me, it’s interesting to note that a truck from a popular roadside service pulled in to the gas station where I happened to be and asked if I needed help. Through this God showed me it hadn’t been necessary to beg. He had already provided the help I needed.


We sometimes want to lean on others when we shouldn’t have to. We should have our own business together.


You need to face that the people in your life are going to disappoint you on occasion. They are not trying to purposely let you down. Your friends and family are human, imperfect, and not always able to respond to you in your hour of need.  Fortunately, you can always depend on God.  You can go to Him anytime, any place, with anything and He will be there for you.

Let’s back track. Once I got my car unlocked, I went to the nearest office and signed up for a roadside service account. I’ve had it ever since and will never be caught without it again.

This brings up another point. We sometimes want to lean on others when in many cases we shouldn’t have to. We should have our own business together.

You have a Heavenly Best Friend who has a wealth of resources in His hands.  He will always make sure you receive the aid you need.



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