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Encouragement and prayer are ministries we all love to receive. There are times when we are weak and to have this kind of support from other Believers is powerful. The Bible tells us we can experience support because it commands us to love and help one another.

However, God does not intend for you to ride on the encouragement and prayers of others only. He wants you to take command of your spiritual life by seeking Him daily. He wants you to develop a personal relationship with Him by spending time in His Word and prayer so that you can become strong in Him.

You see, God does not want you dependent on anyone but Him. While, the prayers of other Believers are extremely important, too many Christians run to people FIRST.

I remember being so upset once (about what I can’t remember now). I wanted so badly to talk to someone. I was in college at the time and I went to the dorm room of everyone I was close to at the time. No one was available! The Lord told me that He wanted me to come to HIM.

I think depending on God is a challenge for some Christians because they can’t see Him. It’s easier to go to a person because they can be seen, heard and touched. But learning to lean on God even when you can’t see Him is core to the Christian experience. We are to look to the spirit realm because that’s where God lives.

Taking charge of your spiritual life will help you see God’s big picture. You might be totally focused on whatever you are going through but the Lord wants you to know that it’s not all about you. He wants to build you up and make you strong so that you can reach out to others. I talked about prayer and encouragement earlier. God doesn’t want you to sit back and receive all the time. He wants you to GIVE.

For some of you going through tremendous challenges, this is key. When you give to others, you are growing and maturing. When you reach out and offer to pray for someone else, you are planting a seed that will come back to you.

Determine to take charge of your own spiritual life by seeking God daily. Set aside time each day for prayer and reading Bible reading. Doing so will help you become everything God designed you to be.

Do you need help in this area? Let me come along beside you and personally help you set up a daily time of Bible reading and prayer. Become stronger and wiser than you’ve ever been. To learn more, visit this link now.



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