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the wisdom of god: the principal pathway to your victoryAs you read this article, you might be in one of the toughest fights of your life. And, if you are, I want you to keep reading because I have a Word from God for you. The Lord desires to speak to you through this article. He wants you to become MORE familiar with a topic you already know, a word that is going to cause you to bust through the walls holding you back. That topic is the wisdom of God.

The Bible says that wisdom is your principal goal. That means you should seek it more than anything else. The wisdom of God is the highest and FIRST thing you should go after in every situation. Proverbs 2:1-5 says you should cry out for it and hunt for it as you would treasure.

What is the wisdom of God and why is it so powerful? Wisdom involves discernment or insight. It is the skill of understanding (putting two and two together). These definitions apply in natural affairs such as managing money, the level of effectiveness on a job or dealing with people. For instance, someone could make a statement with a deeper meaning behind the words such as an ulterior motive. Wisdom would help you discern that fact.

The wisdom of God paves the way to breakthroughs. It guards and leads. If you are trusting God for health, God’s wisdom will guide you to the right spiritual and practical information you need to facilitate healing. Even if you are in a desperate situation, the wisdom of God can flow into your life and show you exactly what you need to do. In other words, it will deliver tailor-made answers based on your particular circumstance.

How can you receive the wisdom of God? James 1:6 says you only need to ask. BUT you must ask in faith without doubting. Pay close attention to those last two words. Are you experiencing a tight situation? Do you believe you need a touch from God now? Maybe God isn’t moving fast enough, and you want to give up and take matters into your hands. Don’t do it! Don’t doubt! Continue in prayer and faith until God comes through. He WILL come through! Your circumstance will turn out so much better if you wait on God. God knows how to get to the core of the matter. He knows how to pull the problems up from the root! That’s the wisdom of God!

Wisdom is the knowledge of the Holy One. It’s God coming close to you. Isn’t that incredible? God wants to feed you with HIS knowledge because He loves you and wants you to be successful in life.

The Bible is full of God’s wisdom. For instance, it’s wisdom to love. When you refuse offenses and pray for the person who hurts you, love will protect you from the negative emotions that can block your blessings. The Bible tells you to give. Giving is the path to having your needs met and obtaining the desires of your heart.

So many times we land in hot water because we are NOT doing the Word. So, act on the Word of God today.

It doesn’t matter what challenge you are facing. God can do anything! He already has the solution. Seek His wisdom by meditating on scripture and following through with what you read. Believe and wait on the Lord. The victory you long for is yours.

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