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When Disappointment Strikes, What Are You Going to Do?

So, maybe what you’ve prayed for hasn’t happened yet. The question is what are you going to do? Are you going to sit back in defeat and be overwhelmed with disappointment? Are you going to decide that God’s Word is true no matter what?

I experienced a bit of disappointment recently. But I had already determined that if the situation didn’t turn out as expected, I would still stand on God’s Word. I count God as faithful. The thoughts and emotions that say He isn’t are liars!! That’s why scripture says:
If every person on the planet were a liar and thief, God would still be true. It stands written: Whenever You speak, You are in the right. When You come to judge, You will prevail.
–Romans 3:4, The Voice
You see, even if you unplug from God’s Word and decide it doesn’t work, that is not going to change that God is faithful. 
God is not insensitive to your situation although you might be tempted to believe He is. You may feel that way because you are knee-deep in trouble and it doesn’t seem like God is doing anything about it. If you do feel this way, look at your relationship with God. Do you really understand who He is? Do you really believe He is at fault? 
One of the best ways of overcoming disappointment is to get a new revelation of God’s love for you. I urge you to focus on spending time with God for 15-20 minutes each day over the next 30 days. Pour out your heart before Him, read His Word and pay close attention to what it says. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you. Pray the Word over your life. Spend time in worship and praise. Here are some resources that will help you with this challenge:
  • Read a chapter of Proverbs every day
  • Read through the book of Psalms by reading five Psalms each day
  • Get a copy of my daily devotional here
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