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stop complaining, whining and making excusesMama Karin is rising in me today! I’m here to issue some tough (though loving) words. Stop complaining, whining, and making excuses. You are holding yourself back.

There! I’ve said them! You see, I can see the potential in people. I know that God has created you for His purpose, and that hidden inside you are gifts, talents, and abilities. (You might not know what they are yet, but they are there.) I am also aware that you are your worst enemy. Oh, you might want to blame this one and that one or name some circumstance that is keeping you from getting to where you want in life. But the downright truth is that you are the only one standing between you and your success. Yes, people may have done mean and ugly things to hurt you. They may have caused you to miss out on opportunities. But no one can take your life away from you. You life is hidden with Christ in God. NO ONE can stop the plan of God from becoming a reality.

No one except you, that is. You can start complaining and keep on complaining every chance you get. Or, you can pay attention to God’s Word. It will be a fight. But you can do it. God can help you press past every hurtful word and action as if they had never been said or done.

Now, let’s get honest. When someone has hurt you, and that a wound is festering, you might be tempted to believe you’re owed a handout. But that is not reality. No one owes you anything, and no one has to do anything for you except God because He has given you promises. However, if you spend your days whining, complaining and making excuses nothing is going to happen for you. You are tying God’s hands. He does not respond to negativity. He responds to faith. So, get off that treadmill now! Turn hopelessness into hope and weakness into empowerment by deciding to believe God’s Word.

You see, if you believe God’s Word, you will SPEAK God’s Word. Don’t you automatically talk about the good things in your life? Don’t you want to shout it to the mountaintops when you’ve found something wonderful? Besides that, speaking the Word is what the Bible tells you to do (Mark 11:23). 

What kind of words are coming from your mouth? Is your life filled with whining and complaining? Are you always making excuses as to why you can’t make it in life? THAT is what is holding you back. Change your words. Speak in line with God’s Word. Your life won’t change overnight but if you’ll apply yourself consistently, you’ll change, your outlook will change and you will see your circumstances change.



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