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Fellowship with God is the Key to Getting Your Prayers Answered

I pulled my car into a parking space at my place of work and turn off the engine. Not wanting to just rush in to work, I decide to spend a few moments in fellowship with God.

I lean my head back and sigh. Probably for the millionth time during my 40 years of walking with God, I think about how long it sometimes takes to see the fruit of prayer. I did not speak these words out loud but God heard me. He hears all my thoughts (yours too), listens and responds. 

The Lord reminded me that He and I are partners. He has His part to play. I have mine.

Here’s a HUGE nugget of truth: I can always do better with MY part. I can become stronger in my prayer life, loving others, serving God and more. God is perfect and it’s no problem for Him to do HIS part. It’s MY part that needs improvement. Does YOUR part need improving?


Fellowship is you and God walking hand in hand, loving one another and talking about everything.


This revelation got me thinking about how I can strengthen my role in my partnership with God. I can begin by meditating on the fact that God and I are to work together — to get this truth deep down in my spirit. We are to walk hand in hand each day, loving each other, talking with one another. Isn’t that a beautiful picture of fellowship?

That leads me to my next point. I can definitely make this picture a deeper part of my life’s landscape by depending on Him more. Can you believe that after 40 years of walking with God there are still areas I don’t give to Him? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Why do I still believe I can handle my own issues? The more you and I let God IN, the more we will see Him move. 

Fellowship with God is our FIRST calling:

God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

–1 Corinthians 1:9.

In the Greek, fellowship means participation. Participation means involvement, making a contribution. Remember, you and God are PARTNERS.


There are different layers in our fellowship with God. Reading the Word and prayer is one layer. Hearing His voice and responding is another. The latter plays a key role in answered prayer.


This could be a key missing in your life. You might see God as the Almighty who can punish and send people to Hell. You might even believe He is displeased with you because of a sin you committed. That kind of thinking keeps you from coming to Him freely. You are hindered from enjoying God and trusting Him fully.

God loves you. Remember the image I presented earlier in this article? You and God walking hand in hand, loving one another, talking to one another about everything.

That’s what God wants.   




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