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the presence of god 300x200 Soaking in the Presence of God Brings RefreshmentAre you exhausted and discouraged? Perhaps you do not soak yourself in the presence of God. I am not only talking about attending church although this is certainly important. I am mostly talking about your personal time with God. This is where you are alone before the Lord and can pour out your heart to Him about everything. This is where you can spend quiet moments waiting on Him and listening for His voice. This is where you can open the pages of the Bible and search the scriptures for wisdom and understanding regarding the areas of your life.

If you do not spend moments bathing in the presence of God, your faith will become weak and useless. You will not have the strength to stand during difficult times. You won’t have the discernment to see the enemy’s tricks and traps.

The word “saturate” means to:

Soak thoroughly and completely. Think of a teabag steeping in hot water.

Unite, in the greatest possible measure, to another substance. In this case the “substance” would be the presence of God.

How do you soak thoroughly and completely in the presence of God? How do you connect with Him in the greatest possible measure? You study and meditate on God’s Word. You talk to Him in prayer.

Now, many of you already spend time in the Word and prayer daily. But perhaps it’s time to engage with the Word and prayer in a more intense way. For instance, maybe you read from a devotional each day but don’t study or meditate on the Word. Study means doing a careful and extended examination of the scriptures such as looking up words in the English, Hebrew and Greek dictionaries, reading several scriptures that relate to your subject and using commentaries.

Meditate involves speaking (or praying the Word), visualizing, thinking about how to apply it to your life and memorizing scripture (visit this link to join more than 300 Believers that are daily meditating on the Word and getting personal help from me).

There are different kinds of prayer: intercession, supplication (praying for your own needs), the prayer of agreement, the prayer of faith, the prayer of binding and loosing, the prayer of dedication and consecration, the prayer of praise and worship. Are you incorporating every type of prayer into your life? If not, I urge you to do so. Your connection with God will be enriched! Visit this link for a full explanation of each kind of prayer.

Now pay attention to what I am about to say. This is really crucial. You might be more disciplined in prayer than reading the Word. You might be more disciplined in reading the Word than prayer. HOWEVER, you MUST become strong in BOTH. Deep knowledge of God’s Word actually fuels prayer. The Word is how you get discernment and wisdom which delivers targeted and accurate prayer. And, as you already know, prayer is communicating with God – something you need to do as much as possible.

If you are facing challenges, it’s going to take faith and wisdom to get through. You must be willing to invest the time necessary to seek the Lord. You can’t afford to be lazy! The devil isn’t. He is diligent in making his ugly presence known.

Here’s something else to think about. God is never slack (2 Peter 3:9). You are to follow God’s example (Ephesians 5:1). So, you shouldn’t be wishy-washy either.

Be encouraged to study the Word. Search out a subject you are interested in or an area where you need to grow stronger. Meditate on the Word. Use all forms of prayer. As you do, you will experience the presence of God like never before. Depression, anxiousness, exhaustion and discouragement will be swept away by waves of freshness and power.



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share medium Soaking in the Presence of God Brings Refreshment


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