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empowerment for women: helping women love themselves & change the world

Empowerment For Women: Moving Forward in a New Direction

God is leading me in a new direction, and I’m excited to share some details with you!

I’ve always known that God had a ministry for me. When I began, I didn’t have specifics. All I knew is that I wanted to encourage others. So, for the last several years, I’ve used my writing gift to teach the Word. I published a print newsletter for a while and then switched to an email newsletter. Eventually, I graduated to a blog. I have more than 200 articles posted there on a variety of subjects such as prayer, faith, god’s love, wisdom, spiritual warfare and more. I’ve written a book called Beside Restful Waters that many of you have read or are reading now. I plan to publish another book this year.

Recently, after much prayer, God spoke to me. It started when I thought about you and all the other women connected to my Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Pinterest, and those on my email list. In particular, I thought about those of you who need healing from abuse. I thought about my experiences with abuse and my recovery. I wrote a prayer about this subject and posted it on Facebook. I was amazed by the response. More than 30,000 saw the prayer. It was shared 383 times, liked by 1,233 and received 218 comments. That’s when God told me to empower His women.

I love women’s ministry and am delighted to be part of God’s plan. My theme is sketchy, but it goes something like this: Empowering Women to Live in Christ, Grow in Faith & Change the World. This statement might get tweaked a little as time goes by, but that’s what I have for now.

In order for that idea to become real in your life, you’ll need to feel better about yourself. So many of you have been put down and treated like second-class citizens even within the Body of Christ. I want YOU to know that you are a nurturer, inspirer, motivator, and innovator. You are not a punching bag, a garbage can or a doormat. You don’t deserve the awful things that have been said and done to you although some might say you do. That is a LIE. What you DESERVE is the abundant life promised in John 10:10.

God put you on this earth for a reason, and He called you WOMAN. You are an integral part of His plan. In the near future, we will come together to learn about that plan. We’ll talk about healing emotional scars, loving ourselves, learning how to say no and taking time for ourselves without feeling guilty. We’ll talk about women in the Bible and how they dealt with their challenges and how God intervened for them. We’ll talk about overcoming a negative self-image, finances, health, weight loss, and some fun stuff like skin care and cosmetics. Yeah!

My goal is to help you to connect with the tools and resources you need to live the powerful and prosperous life God ordained for you. One of them is my Joshua 1:8 Warriors Mentorship Program. I’ll share more about that later.

You can still expect to receive empowering Bible-centered messages from me via social media such as:

God wants to bring mighty, empowering changes in your life this year. BUT you will need to make room for these changes. You can’t put new wine in old bottles as Jesus taught in Matthew 9:17. So, get rid of all the negativity in your life. That includes people & situations. Learn to put up boundaries. Seek out what will build you up.

And this…

The Lord is saying: Stop placing so much importance on other people’s negative opinion of you. Instead, look to Me for I have wonderful things to say about you. You are loved. You are precious to Me. I have created a place for you to stand in this world. Fellowship with Me. Trust Me and I will lead you to that place.

It’s easy to center on the horrible things that are taking place today, but God is doing mighty works! I know this to be true because YOU are one of them. You are Born of God and destined to be an Overcomer!

I am looking forward to our continued connection.





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