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Healing is God's Will Because He Loves You

Although I have always believed that healing is God’s will for His children, I have to admit I often ignored this provision. I took my health for granted. Last year, God dealt with me about my attitude by urging me to meditate on healing scriptures. Proverbs 4 says the Word of God is medicine for our bodies. I started listening to a CD about healing every morning and evening for several weeks. Little did I know that God was preparing me to face a huge health challenge.

It started in February. I started feeling run down and tired. I was a lot more winded than normal after walking from the parking lot to the building where I work. I was vomiting. I tried to get to work one morning and just couldn’t make it. I had gone to the drugstore but instead of proceeding to work, I went back home and went to bed. I slept a lot over the next few days. I eventually asked my sister to take me to urgent care.

While I was laying on the gurney waiting to be examined, I filled with peace. I told the Lord, “I don’t know what the doctor is going to find but whatever they find I know that You and I will face it together.” You see, I was at peace because my heart was filled with the Word on healing.

To make a long story short, I had a blood transfusion, physical therapy and surgery over several weeks. Today I am as good as new. I praise God for His power!

Health is God’s will because He loves you. He created your body perfectly made and wants it to stay that way. I know that sickness and disease is common but remember you do not belong to this world. You do not belong to its system of negativity. You are a citizen of Heaven. You belong to God’s kingdom and in God’s Kingdom there is healing for your body, mind and heart.

How do you experience healing? First off, you receive the Word on healing (see below). As you meditate on healing scriptures, agree with what the Word says in spite of what you see or feel. You speak healing scriptures over your body and trust that God’s Word is full of power and is at work in your body making your healing a reality. The word receive in the Greek means to seize, take by force. You get tough with the devil and you tell him that he can no longer wreak havoc in your body.

Don’t walk around in pain and discomfort another minute. When Jesus died to secure your salvation, He also died to secure your healing. In fact, one of the definitions of salvation is wholeness. God wants you whole in every way because He adores you. He wants you to enjoy the life He gave you.

Here are a few healing scriptures for you to meditate on:

Proverbs 4:20-23.

I Peter 2:24

Matthew 8:16-17



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