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decide to believe1 300x200 Decide to Believe! Dont Let Your Hard Work Go to Waste!I have a Word from God for you today. God wanted me to encourage you to decide to believe again. You see, many of you are exhausted and tired of waiting on God; tired of not seeing any change. But the Lord wanted me to tell you not to give up. You are at the very boundary of your Promised Land! It’s time to go in and take it! Maybe that sounds like a lot of hype to you but I assure you it’s not. Faith is always NOW. Hebrews 11:1 tells us that NOW faith is.

A Lesson From the Israelites

The Israelites represent the Body of Christ. They had a chance to decide to believe but they chose doubt instead of faith.

I’m sure you are familiar with their story. They spent hundreds of years in servitude to the Egyptians before Moses came on the scene. Sent by God, Moses demanded that the Pharaoh let his people go. Well, the Pharaoh didn’t cave in easily. So, God sent several plagues. By the time they ended, Egypt was in ruins. The saddest of all is that every firstborn of every Egyptian family and flock was dead. 

The Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go but then changed his mind. He sent an army after them. That’s when God opened the Red Sea causing the Israelites to cross to the other side on dry land. Pharaoh’s army went in after them. The sea closed and the army drowned.

Now the Israelites were in the wilderness where they faced more difficulties. Yet God brought them through every one.

Finally, they came to Canaan. Twelve spies went in to check out the land. Two came back with a faith-filled report. Ten came back with a report of doubt. Which report did the people believe? The one filled with doubt and they paid dearly for their unbelief. God sent them into the wilderness and there they stayed for 40 years until the first generation died along with their unbelief.

Don’t Let This Moment Pass You By!

Don’t be like the Israelites and let a moment to exercise your faith pass you by. The Israelites failed to enter their Promised Land because they decided not to believe. They made this decision in spite of all the miracles they already saw. They had gone through so much to get set free from Pharaoh. They had gone through so much in the wilderness and God met them right where they were each time performing miracle after miracle. All they had to do was decide to believe again!

Decide to Believe Again!

Don’t let YOUR hard work go to waste. Don’t be weary in well doing. Decide to believe again! You’ve come this far by faith. God will not leave you now!! He is still with you. Encourage yourself in the Lord. Remind yourself of God’s faithfulness and KEEP GOING! The Lord WILL NOT fail you!

Let me say it again: Decide to believe once more! I can’t wait to hear your testimonies. 



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