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You Are Safe! God Has His Arms Around You! Fear Not!

We all want to feel safe, don’t we? We want to feel safe physically and emotionally. But when trouble comes, we get thrown off-balance. It’s like a punch in the stomach and we are down for the count. At other times it’s like we are flying at top speed through the sky unaided and without anything to grab hold to.

A few years ago, I took my nieces to the County Fair. One of the attractions was the Sky Ride. Strapped in a bench-like seat, visitors are lifted about 40 feet in the air. The seat, hooked to a cable, glides the seat from one side of the park to the other.

I went on the Sky Ride to please my youngest niece. I did not want to seem like a wimp but from the get-go I was not comfortable. For one thing, we had to settle into our seats quickly. As soon as the ride’s operator let go of the seat we immediately began our ascent. My shoe (they were slides) almost came off but I managed to keep it on by holding my foot in a certain position. I did not feel safe because I did not believe I was secure. Would I slide out of the space between the bar that held us in and the seat at any moment? That’s what it felt like. I tried my best to keep my back pressed against the seat’s back.

Once we reached greatest height I tried to relax and enjoy the scenery. After all, there are things you can see at 60 feet in the air that you can’t see from the ground. The view was quite lovely but not spectacular enough to keep my mind off losing my shoe or slipping out of the seat.


You are Safe! The Lord is With You!


There was a bright moment, though. My nieces mentioned that Jesus was with us. (I was proud of them. Those Sunday School lessons are paying off.) I agreed with them as I had been silently praying. Still, I was glad when our descent began and even more relieved when we touched ground.

My experience with the Sky Ride reminds me of the challenges we face. During those difficult journeys, things look scary. We feel like we will fall. It feels we might lose something important. But our situation doesn’t have to turn out that way. We have Jesus’ presence and promises. We can experience the marvelous benefit of knowing God has His arms around us and we are safe.

Beloved, you might be in the height of trouble but the time for your descent has come. You will touch ground. You will arrive safely on the other side.



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