The Love of God: Is it Alive and Fresh to You?

by Karin Peavy on October 19, 2015

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the love of god: is it alive and fresh to you?

There are spiritual truths that become so familiar they no longer have the impact they should have. The love of God is one of those truths. Most Christians have probably heard several sermons on the subject, but is God’s love alive and fresh?

Some Believers can’t receive the love of God because they are too focused on working for the Lord. They believe they can earn His approval. They pat themselves on the back for the acts they do. What is that? Pride. Listen to me closely. You have no power to pay God back for anything. In fact, it’s impossible to do so! The Lord has done too much. All you and I can do is receive God’s grace humbly and gratefully.

Other Christians are driven to do good works out of guilt. They have the mistaken idea that God is tallying up their mistakes, and they better atone for them or else. I have some news for you. Jesus already atoned for your sin. The Father sees you through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and in His eyes you are forgiven. That doesn’t mean we should take sin lightly. We should strive to overcome weaknesses with God’s help. But when we fall, God wants us to get up, receive His love and forgiveness and go on. That’s the power of the love of God.

We can see a wonderful illustration of the love of God in the story of the Prodigal Son. Do you remember the story? The youngest son takes his inheritance and leaves home. He does not manage it wisely. He squanders it. He becomes so destitute, that to stay alive, he is forced to eat the scraps and leftovers set out for the pigs. That’s when he wakes up, smells the coffee and decides to return home.

Feeling ashamed, he figures his father probably feels the same way. He no longer feels like a son. He makes plans to offer himself as a servant in his father’s home because he believes that’s all he deserves.

But what this son fails to realize is the depth of his father’s love for him. He doesn’t see that his father never stopped thinking about him — that he prayed for his son’s safe return day after day. When that father sees his long, lost son coming up the road, he runs to him. He is DELIGHTED. He puts a ring on his finger, a robe around his shoulder and orders a feast. It’s a celebration!

Have you made a mistake that you believe is unforgivable? Are you hanging your head in shame? When you come to God, do you come in shame or as a daughter or son? You need to know that when you come to God, He is delighted to see you. You are His joy. He runs to meet you. He celebrates the fact that you are coming to Him for help. Friends, that is the love of God.

My prayer is that the love of God so fill your heart and mind that it will leave an imprint you will never forget. I pray for it to be alive and fresh to you every single day. For when you know the love of God, you’ll have the boldness to trust Him. You’ll be convinced He’ll come through for you because He loves you.

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