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why are you a christian Why Do You Believe in Jesus? Why Are You a Christian?Why do you believe in Jesus? Why are you a Christian? The answer to these questions is important when the enemy comes to test your faith. In the midnight hour you need to know Whom you believe and WHY you believe so that you can stand strong.

Many years ago, my faith was tested. I was fired from a job I loved. I was just three years out of college and all my plans to prosper had gone up in smoke. At least, that’s how it appeared. I landed in some tough financial waters. Creditors hounded me for money I couldn’t repay.

I hated not having money to buy the things I needed or wanted. I could not go into a store without getting upset because I had no money to shop.

Long before I lost my job I often prayed for God to remove anything in my heart that would cause me to stray from Him. God answered my prayer and used the job loss to expose my lust for material things. My lack of discipline had caused me to run up several credit cards. I went on huge shopping sprees every month. If I saw something I wanted, I had to have it. Period.

During those years when I couldn’t afford to shop the way I had in the past, I asked myself why I followed Jesus. Was it just for the blessings or was I following Him because I loved Him?

I wanted the latter to be true so I cried out to God. I had realized that my desire for material things had come between us. I had lost the passion I once had for Him and longed to have it back.

Getting back wasn’t an easy road. I had to work at renewing my mind about myself and money. I had to learn new habits. I had to learn to count my blessings and be thankful for health, friends, family, my job and more. (For more thoughts on what I learned from this experience, visit this link.) Even still, I experienced God’s powerful hand in the night seasons. God spoke to me again and again and again. Although I sometimes felt tempted to let go of Him, He never let go of me.

Throughout this journey God reminded me of why I connected with Jesus in the first place. I remember how I fell in love with His presence and His Word. I remembered how much I loved to pray and read the Word. I remembered the beautiful revelations He gave me from the Bible and how He had provided for me. I knew that no matter how hard it was to get past the difficulties I would do my part because He had already made Himself so real to me.

What I went through has only reinforced my belief in Jesus Christ. I have since faced other challenges and have run to Him knowing that He will help me as He has done in the past.

So, let me ask you again. Why do YOU believe in Jesus? Why are YOU a Christian?



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share medium Why Do You Believe in Jesus? Why Are You a Christian?


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